The Deep Underground PHYsics GDR

We wish to pool our expertise to reinforce relations between theory and experiment, to develop new synergies and collaborations between research teams. The GDR DUPhy missions will be to facilitate the development and access of new players to European underground platforms (e.g. LSM, LNGS, LSC and BUL), to provide visibility for the French underground physics community, to favour the emergence of common projects, to promote the young generation of researchers working in the field, and to reflect on the needs of future experiments in this area.

Scientific context

Despite the important theoretical and experimental success of the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, there are strong indications that it is not the ultimate theory but needs to be extended in order to account for a certain number of shortcomings. In addition to weaknesses which are of theoretical nature, there are two major arguments for physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM): how to explain the presence of Dark Matter in the Universe and the non-zero neutrino mass?

Structure & Work Package


Rare-event physics


Low radioactivity technics


Detection of rare-events


Simulation & Analysis


Future experiments