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About us

The GDR DUPhy aims to federate the community of underground experiments, associated with the physics of rare events

We wish to pool our expertise to reinforce relations between theory and experiment, to develop new synergies and collaborations between research teams.

GDR scientific management commitee

Proposed members of the scientific management committee
Extended executive board: director + conveners


Corinne Augier

WP1 (Rare-event physics)

Christine Marquet, Luca Scotto Lavina, Mariangela Settimo

WP2 (Low-radioactivity technics)

Jose Busto, Maryvonne De Jésus

WP3 (Detection of rare events)

Romain Gaïor, Claudio Giganti, Stefanos Marnieros

WP4 (Simulation & Analysis)

Davide Franco, Jacob Lamblin

WP5 (Future experiments)

Andrea Giuliani , Björn Herrmann, Dominique Thers

External members

Application to biomedical sciences of the information technologies and tools used in high energy physics

Vincent Breton


Neutrinos and axion dark matter

Sacha Davidson

Double beta decay

Gravitational waves

Yves Lemière

to be define

Low energy physics at Super-K and Hyper-K

Pascal Paganini

to be define

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